Camila Fenster


8.900 kr - 8.900 kr

Special Limited Edition Cloud 9 of 9 Artworks

Unique Size : 80 x 94,1

Printed in Whitewall | HD METAL PRINT | Glossy

Aluminium Artbox Black


This story will be yours to tell. There are strong messages behind details that are quite visible to an open mind, one that can go all the way to extremes.

Whatever your idea is might just meet my reasons behind this half way.

All I will say is that Alka Seltzer is for indigestions, heartburns..

I link this into the course of life itself. I target the minor to medium

issue that consume our guts daily, sometimes a step back and a decision to

make them less relevant making the best from the worst with less despair

standing upon our true values will make a change.

This attitude would almost be like taking an Alka Seltzer.

Stock the soul.