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Camila Fenster 

Founder & Owner of Apartment Gallery

Lykke Martinsen

Founder & Owner of ARTLI

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ARTLI wants to modernise the way we perceive art. And make art's many expressions available to as many people as possible. There is no need for an investment to be handed down through generations and provide a return to earn its keep.


On the contrary, art is about desire, but also about changing meaning. About expressing one thing today and another tomorrow. We see art a bit like an infatuation. Upon first meeting, there is a little spark, and this either becomes something bigger and stronger or fizzles out to absolutely nothing.


At ARTLI, you can purchase a subscription for exclusive, numbered art for your home or business. You could say we let you “try before you buy" until you've found the right piece of art, or maybe you'll fall in love with the change that comes with a new artwork every time.


Each month, ARTLI releases a selection of works that members of ARTLI CLUB have access to via either a 12-month or 24-month subscription.

After completion, you can, of course, buy your artwork, continue on to a new subscription period or switch to a new artwork you've fallen in love with.




Living in Portugal and half Danish, Camila Fenster is an early lover of photography and travel, two passions that she merges with her artwork. The travels reflect the contact with different cultures and the result is a photographic portfolio rich in details - textures, shapes and objects that she later uses as if they were "paints".

Her original work is based on the deconstruction of the images as a whole and then on the fusion of small elements that, altogether, tell a story. A real story, something inspired by the photographer's particular universe, the way she watches the world and her own life.

All artwork is printed & produced in large format, ranging in size from 80x80cm to 130x130 on high quality Fuji Crystal DP II, glossy paper and placed under a 4mm acrylic glass, ready to hang. The artworks are limited editions, numbered and hand signed with a brief explanation behind and have the quality seal of one of the best labs in the world, Whitewall (Award Winning Lab).

Camila Fenster's artworks were for the first time assembled at a private exhibition in Copenhagen, attended by art dealers, collectors and art lovers in general, with a huge success. After Denmark, follows the United Kingdom. Portugal, the country where the Artist is based, is the bridge to the rest of the world and it is from here that Camila reveals her original work, an expression of art never before seen.

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What if my order is incorrect?

If you have noticed that we have made a mistake with your order, email us at ARTLI@ARTLI.DK and we will help you ASAP.

Where does my order come from?

All orders are dispatched from the Artist themselves directly to you.

How much is shipping and how long will it take?

ARTLI will deliver for free but charge DKK 300 for returns. Your order will be produced as soon as we receive your payment and it usually takes 10-14 days.

Is my package insured?

All items are insured against theft and accidental damage whilst in transit.

Can I return my order?

Yes, everything aside from pre-orders and customized items can be returned in unbroken packaging. We charge DKK 300 for shipping on returns.

Does the refund amount exclude delivery?

ARTLI charges DKK 300 for shipping on returns and this amount will not be refunded.

Can I order on subscription without being ARTLIC CLUB member?

No, you need to be ARTLI CLUB member to buy on subscription. If you have any questions regarding ARTLI CLUB membership please do not hesitate to contact us at artli@artli.dk

Why do I need an insurance for buying on subscription?

To secure the artists exclusive and numerated artworks it is only a limited quantity accessible for subscription and you need to have an insurance while you rent the artworks in case of any damage happens, because it is on your responsibility.

Can I buy my artwork after 12 or 24 month subscription ends?

Yes absolutely - 3 Month before your subscription period runs out ARTLI will provide you with a great offer for buying the artwork or continue on a new subscription period

Why is it only possible to buy on subscription in DK?

We are aiming for making subscription available worldwide but to be sure to offer ARTLI CLUB members the best service we need to start up in our home market Denmark - From 2020 we will hopefully expand.